How do I know how much the vehicle I want cost?
To learn more about our pricing options, please give one of our friendly customer service agents a call at your convenience.

Should we tip the driver?
Although it is certainly not required of you, we do encourage tips to our professional drivers! It's completely up to you. If they did a good job, it's a nice way to show your thanks.

Can my guests drink alcohol on the vehicle?
As long as your guests are 21 years of age or older, they’re certainly allowed to drink alcohol on the bus. If there's anyone under the age of 21, there cannot be any alcohol on the bus or limo.

Do you allow for smoking?
Due to the nature of the business and the amount of non smokers out there, we do not allow for any kind of smoking on our vehicles. This allows us to keep our vehicles as clean as possible. You have unlimited stops so you can ask to pull over at any time and the driver will do so when it's safe.

Are your vehicles insured?
All of our vehicles are insured to the maximum allowable extent in order to ensure your safety.

Would a limousine be better than a party bus?
It all depends on the event! While limousines have a more elegant exterior than party buses, party buses allow more room for partying on board. Limos you can't stand straight up in but party buses you can.

What music will be playing?
In short, whatever you’d like! All of our vehicles come equipped with a CD player with iPod capabilities. Make a CD or plug in your phone then jam out all night.

Can children come with us?
Yes, we don't have an age limit. We are actually great for kid events. Allows all the kids to get to the destination at once and safely. If there is someone under the age of 21, even a little flower girl, you cannot have any alcohol on the vehicle.

Are there hidden fees I'll be charged?
Nope. We don't hide anything from you. We will explain everything involved in the pricing. If you have any questions, we'll answer them. Your quote is how much you'll have to pay. We will never demand more money from you that you don't know of. Of course, there are small charges you may come across, like a damage charge or cleaning fee.

Can I cancel my reservation?
Due to the nature of our business and our first come, first served basis, you cannot cancel. We turn people away after you reserve. We do not take the highest paying customer like other companies do. We will not cancel on you. You cannot change the date of your reservation. Depending on availability, you might be able to change the time or the vehicle.

What if we are late or would like to stay longer?
That's fine. You won't be charged a high fee for going over. You'll be charged your normal hourly rate. If you would like to extend you time, give us a call to let us know and to make sure that it's okay.

What we are out of the area and need service?
We can help with that as well. For those in Florida we recommend Tampa Party Bus. For South Carolina Charleston Party Buses is great. And in Michigan Michigan Party Bus.